The Syracuse Community Hebrew School Curriculum includes both Hebrew and Prayer.  The development of the curriculum was a collaborative effort between Temple Adath Yeshurun, Congregation Beth Sholom-Chevra Shas, and Temple Concord.  Please see the summaries below and contact Shannon Small at if you have any questions regarding the curriculum.

Hebrew Curriculum

Students will learn Liturgical Hebrew during their time at the Syracuse Community Hebrew School. The curriculum is designed so that each year, students will increase their skills in decoding, prayer vocabulary, and grammar. Some of the skills that students will acquire are the following:

  • Identify all Hebrew letters and vowels without hesitation

  • Strengthen decoding skills through reading practice

  • Strengthen blending skills and increase fluidity when reading words and phrases

  • Recite assigned prayers with correct pronunciation, fluidly, and with confidence

  • Recognize and translate important roots and words in prayers.

  • Identify and translate prefixes and suffixes correctly

  • Recognize singular and plural forms of words

  • Identify male/female forms of verbs, nouns, and pronouns

  • Lead learned prayers

Prayer Curriculum

The prayer curriculum will include common elements and themes of each prayer as well as where those elements and themes diverge in the different religious movements.  Students will learn one tune in class but will be exposed to several tunes.

Students will achieve the following goals when learning about a specific prayer:

  • what it means & the theme

  • where it appears in the service

  • key words, root words

  • tune – teach ONE tune, expose to others

  • read it proficiently

  • understanding of difference between synagogues

The following prayers have been assigned to each grade:

  • Third Grade- Blessings- Daily and Shabbat

  • Fourth Grade- Morning and Evening Blessings and Concluding Prayers

  • Fifth Grade-Kabbalat Shabbat prayers

  • Sixth Grade- Shema and its Blessings

  • Seventh Grade-Torah Service

*Some prayers are left for the individual synagogues to teach on Sundays such as Haftorah Blessings, Holiday Blessings, and Trope.